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Exceptional performance starts with exceptional employees

EmployeesInvesting In Our People

Attracting, developing, empowering and retaining the very best talent helps us achieve our goals and lead our clients, and the industry, to even higher levels of success and innovation.

  • We provide a safe, respectful, inclusive and ethical workplace.
  • Our high-performance work environment offers strong opportunities for employee development, professional growth and competitive compensation.
  • Our employee turnover is consistently less than 2% per year.
  • We enjoy working together, having fun, and can often be found celebrating birthdays, weddings, holidays, or just the end of the week with ice cream, hot dogs or other tasty treats!
  • We've been recognized as one of Enquirer Media’s Top Workplaces for 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Health & Safety

Our employees are critical to our success, and we care for them like family. We focus on health, wellness and prevention by offering an on-site fitness center, bringing mobile mammography, cardiovascular and other health screening events to the office, holding on-site flu shot clinics, etc. Additionally, all of our facilities meet or exceed OSHA and other workplace standards for employee safety, accessibility and training. Finally, we’re active members of the ISO/TC130 Working Group, which is standardizing terminology, test methods and specifications across the printing and graphic technology supply chain, including ergonomics and safety.

Nurturing Innovation

Our open, friendly, collaborative environment and “can do” attitude of our people inspires creativity and sparks new ideas. This is supported by a strong financial commitment to innovation that includes reinvesting a generous portion of our annual revenue into process and technology R&D and commercializing a significant, new solution at least every 24 months.

Paying It Forward

As we head towards our 100th year as a family-owned, independent company, we’re soundly capitalized and remain debt-free. We look forward to continuing to service our clients and providing our employees with rewarding, professional opportunities for generations to come.

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