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From the big ideas to the smallest details

Design SolutionsStrategic Design That Inspires

gravity, our branding and design agency, starts with your goals and a blank piece of paper. Then, we immerse ourselves within your product or service category; we walk in your target consumer’s shoes to fully understand their shopping mindset, including wants and needs. We identify opportunities to link those wants, needs and desires to the brand’s promise, position, and core values. It’s this robust strategic process that enables us to deliver engaging designs that drive shoppers to make a purchase. Strategic design is our core expertise and where we truly shine.

Incremental Value With Adaptive Design

However, bringing “the big idea” to life is only the beginning. The smallest design details must then be managed before you’re able to realize that vision across an entire product line. That’s where we deliver incremental value...adaptive design extends your established visual identity across an entire portfolio and every touch-point. Ensuring brand continuity at every opportunity by leveraging a linear, transparent and hassle-free process that brings order to chaos, deploys faster, and reduces costly rework.

GravityWhether you’re looking for that “big idea” or you already have it, gravity has the team in place to ensure it moves seamlessly from design to print-ready art – consistently delivering the brand integrity, intent, and impact you expect... across every item, and at every consumer touch point.

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