Strategic Design

Delivered with creativity, process, and practicality

Design StrategicStrategic design of consumer packaging and related retail communications is a delicate balancing act. It requires sound brand strategy, strong design principles and the ability to identify what is most meaningful to your target consumer.

Striking The Right Balance

The key is to find the right balance between the brand offering, beliefs and principles — the consumer’s wants, needs and values — and the white spaces within the category where we can visualize these factors in a way that is unique, engaging and memorable. A way to create designs that support the brand essence, enhance the shopping experience and ultimately drive purchase.

Right-Brain / Left-Brain Approach

In short, design is problem solving and that problem is not solved until the design makes its way from the shelf and into the heart of a consumer. Deep knowledge of the print and production process enables us to create solutions without concessions or complications... a unique right-brain/left-brain approach that’s reliable and repeatable. Our gravity design team delivers breakthrough concepts that look as good on shelf as they did when you first saw them.

Design StrategicIt’s this seamless integration of design and prepress expertise that makes working with us such a unique and rewarding experience. For our clients, this means designs that are “print feasible”, lower downstream production costs, accelerated speed to market and optimized shelf impact.

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