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We empower you with intelligent KPI reporting

Analytic ReportingOur proprietary business intelligence solution, Phototype BizIQ™, dramatically improves decision-making around your packaging lifecycle and all supporting processes. It’s a powerful tool that aggregates data from various sources and generates comprehensive, up-to-the minute dashboard reports featuring stunning visuals that communicate key performance metrics.

Works With Your Existing Data Systems

Importantly, it works with your existing data systems – regardless of the number, format, structure or location. That means no changes to your internal processes, no expensive programming revisions, and no delays. It finds, formats, summarizes, and reports robust data in a way that delivers real-time, actionable insight...anytime and anywhere. Phototype BizIQ™ also offers flexible report content, formats, and delivery options that users can customize with just a few mouse clicks. Backed by a robust security model that requires unique permissions and security login credentials at the individual level, Phototype BizIQ™ always keeps your confidential information secure.Digital Asset Management

Flexible & Secure

Leverage it to create dashboards that integrate key metrics across all our managed solutions including File Routing & Collaboration and Print Quality Management. Plus, you can incorporate your own internal metrics, such as production KPIs, printer metrics, financial measures, etc. Our technology team will be happy to work with you to create a customized dashboard solution that will help you achieve success.

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