Print Quality Management

Simplified. Consolidated. Integrated.

PQMMaintaining high print quality has become necessary to effectively compete in today’s growing, global marketplace.

Of course, we understand that maintaining brand equity, meeting quality standards and delivering consistency order after order are critically important. We also recognize and embrace that print quality is now simply another part of overall quality attributes tracked and reported in today’s packaging environment.

Your Partner In The Middle

We understand that managing and delivering print quality belongs to the printer. Our suite of tools, including analytics & reporting, have been designed to help printers meet the needs of major CPG companies who work with multiple printers.

At the same time, CPG companies who work with multiple printers can benefit from consistent, aggregated reporting that is flexible and comprehensive.

Our sweet spot is right in the middle and where our cutting-edge Print Quality Management (PQM) solutions deliver the most value:

For Printers

For Manufacturers

Flexible, Comprehensive Reporting

Our robust reporting capabilities uniquely position us to meet the needs of both printers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. We deliver continuous quality evaluations that are simple, reliable and repeatable.

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