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May 2016

Leading Innovation at EastPack 2016

Phototype is eager to showcase Phototype BizIQ™, our proprietary business intelligence tool, June 14-16 at the largest packaging event on the east coast ­­– EastPack 2016

“CPG companies need to keep constant vigil on their key performance metrics to determine how well their supply chains are meeting expectations; the integrity of their brands demands it,” said Socrates Rettos, Director of Print Quality Management at Phototype. “Phototype BizIQ™ captures up-to-the-minute data on artwork production KPIs, printer metrics, financial measures and all other brand-related data and drills it down into defined targets and defined measurements against those targets. There’s no room for subjectivity when brand equity is on the line.”   

Phototype BizIQ™ marries analytics from the company’s Print Quality Management (PQM) and File Routing & Collaboration (FRC) services, as well as any existing external data systems, to create information-rich, highly visual dashboard reports that sharpen focus on key performance metrics.

The company’s PQM process optimizes a brand’s shelf appearance by objectively, accurately and continuously evaluating print quality against uniform, defined standards. It ensures a continuous workflow that examines consumer-noticeable defects, equity colors and imagery, and overall fit and finish of brand attributes. Phototype’s FRC services provide a central repository for graphic assets, empowering brands to route, review, compare, annotate and approve proofs in real-time through a synchronized system.

Rettos shared that actionable data is the core offering of Phototype BizIQ™. “Just about anything can be measured these days, so it’s easy to get distracted by superfluous information. While brand package design is an art, making certain a product’s shelf appearance upholds brand value and instills consumer confidence is truly a science.” 

Phototype is a 4th-generation, family-owned company that provides fully integrated graphic solutions to the consumer packaged goods (CPG), medical/pharma, retail, printing and converting industries. To learn more, contact us.




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