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May 2017

Ghent Workgroup Visits Cincinnati

On May 15th, the Ghent Workgroup travelled from both inside and outside of the United States to visit Phototype’s headquarters in Cincinnati for one of their tri-annual meetings. During their stay, these industry professionals attended workshops on our print design and production process. This meeting provided the Ghent Workgroup with a chance to learn about the inner workings and advances within Phototype, as well as, granted our company the opportunity to discuss the changing packaging industry with these knowledgeable representatives.

GWG group picture

Who is the Ghent Workgroup?

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) was founded in June 2002 and is now a leading premiere graphic arts think-tank. The group consists of graphic arts users, associations, and developers from around the world who come together to create and test practices within the publishing and packaging workflow space. The group has increased in size significantly since its founding, and is now considered to be the fastest-growing, best practice organization for graphic arts. 

Why were they at Phototype?

Phototype is at the forefront of packaging design and production innovation, giving us the ability to address a wide array of topics of interest to graphic design professionals. With our expertise in areas such as 3D visualization, design to digital print, color management, and quality control, Phototype provided the visiting GWG members with a deeper understanding of the packaging process to aid them in continuing to develop best practices for the industry.

How did it go?

With the combined efforts of our team, we provided the GWG team with a wealth of information, a campus tour, and a much better understanding of the packaging industry. David Zwang, Chairman of the Ghent Workgroup, concluded that “the three days spent on-site were more informative and valuable than [they] even expected” and was impressed to witness “the breadth of Phototype offerings that go well beyond most prepress companies.”

With informative and progressive meetings such as these, Phototype maintains its status within the industry and is able to engage and learn from those influencing and setting standards.

Phototype is a 4th-generation, family-owned company that provides fully integrated graphic solutions to the consumer packaged goods (CPG), medical/pharma, retail, printing and converting industries. To learn more, contact us.

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