Production Art

Always built to the highest standards

Production ArtHow a piece of production art is constructed is a critical step that can make all the difference in your end result. We’re experts at transitioning designs to die-line-specific, color-accurate, archive-quality electronic files that are ready for electronic assembly and contract color proofing.

Leveraging our unique SMARTartSM process, our production art:

  • Can electronically embed every detail, from design to print tool production – including printer’s marks, converting eye marks, color bars, color palettes for Extended Gamut Ink Systems Control (if applicable), and job tickets with manufacturing data compatible with SAP, ERP, and MIS
  • Includes high-resolution bar codes that have been verified, special visual effects, photography and expertly retouched images
  • Is optimized to exact substrate, ink and print process specifications
  • Is ready to be trapped, stepped and repeated, screened and output to exact printing press requirements
  • Is easily stored, retrieved and repurposed
  • Incorporates file-naming conventions for multiple versions, downstream vendors and archival systems, including an archived record for version comparison
  • Works with a variety of hardware and software platforms
  • Utilizes Ghent PDF Workgroup specs
  • Meets legal and regulatory requirements

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