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May 2018

Looking back at IMDA 2018

It’s hard to believe a week has already passed since attending this year’s IMDA (International Metal Decorators Association) conference! This year’s program featured so many valuable sessions, yet we find ourselves wanting more. The sessions covered a wide range of topics from advances in process optimization to biometric based packaging design. It was a great couple days of learning and meaningful exchanges.


We were especially proud when our very own Director of Metal Decorating, Joe Velazquez, was tapped to be an impromptu panelist in an interactive session on Color Standardization for Can Design and Decorating. Joe’s deep knowledge and passion for the industry were evident for all to see as he explained the importance of tools like INX’s new 2-Piece Metal Color Catalog. “As a front line of defense for the can companies, one of the things we are charged with is making sure all of their standards are maintained…the catalog enables us to do that without burdening our onsite INX representative. Beyond that, the catalog helps us educate brand owners and design so that they have a good idea of what to expect.”

It wasn’t all presentations and panel discussions, as the sponsor hosted exhibition gave us time to see old acquaintances and make many new friends. There was particular interest and enthusiasm for our ‘Can Lab', including our innovative HD Xtreme Md-4.0 process which brings a CT like reproduction to the metal decorating industry.

If you were unable to connect with us during the show, drop us a line…


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